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The first wedding of 2022

When Vanessa and Derek reached out to me at the end of 2021 about their wedding plans for the new year, I was so excited to start 2022 off with a nice sized wedding with a local family.

Waikaloa Wedding at Mai Grille, Hawaii Island

Gone are the days of couples' suffering uncertainty of how to execute their wedding in midst of Covid-19. While globally, we are still dealing with the rippling effects of the pandemic, we seem to be reawakening after our worldwide hibernation.

Vanessa and Derek, like many couples recently, had decided to get married without much ceremony during the thick of the pandemic, and save their wedding celebrations for a time when their families could come together. It's a common story these days, and there is nothing wrong with having a second ceremony with friends and family if you missed out on your wedding day dreams because of Covid.

Watching this group of friends and family come together to celebrate was so refreshing! What a wonderful way to start off this new year. I am hopeful for all that 2022 has to offer.

Starting a blog for my website has been in the back of my mind for some time, and I finally decided to make the commitment with this new year. Gaining momentum in my business after 2020 has been challenging, just like it has for almost all of us, but taking the time to appreciate the blessing of my career through blog posts is just another way I can put my energy into the manifestation of my goals. I'll be posting here a few times each month to share scenes from weddings, elopements, and photoshoots. Anticipate informative posts for couples seeking guidance on how to plan a Hawaii Destination Wedding. And tips and tricks of the trade for those interested in all things photography.

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