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The Social Media Game

In this day and age social media is a crucial part of any successful photography or videography business. Despite the fact that I feel so many of us secretly loathe the need to constantly be creating and sharing content, we still keep doing it. Welcome to the future.

Until very recently I played my role on social media as minimally as possible, posting a picture on instagram a couple times a week at most, not winning any achievement awards for my minimalistic efforts. (I mean, c'mon, I haven't even made a real effort to keep up with a monthly blog post for my website.)

About a month ago I had an "aha moment" know the kind; one of those inspirational days where you suddenly decide to make a change and jump on an opportunity before another second of life passes you by.

Putting forth the effort to grown my social media accounts has not been easy. Creating and posting 3 tiktok videos a day is not for the faint of heart. But while it has been a stressful transitionary time of figuring out how to make this a regular part of my daily business to-do's, I can already sense how this journey is going to push me to be a better photographer.

My main social media goals:

-To inspire other photographers and videographers

-To teach beginners all the things that took me years to figure out

-To expand my business into the realm of content creation

-To get more brand contracts

-To push myself to remain creative consistently

Follow along with me as I become a better photographer and business woman, and help you to do the same!

Find me on IG, TikTok, & YouTube @susannaandersonphoto

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