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Wardrobe Guide

Coordinate, don't match. 
You might think it would be cute to have the entire family wear matching outfits.  Don't do it.  Matching outfits might work fine for the keiki but for the entire family matching tends to look cheesy, instead, choose 3-4 coordinating colors for the entire group. 
A word about white
I don't recommend having everyone in your group wear white.  Photos with everyone wearing white tend to lack depth and contrast.  However, if you feel called to have multiple people wearing white, make sure all the whites are the same undertone.  
matching undertones
her dress is warm, his shirt is cool 
I personally love neutral colors and earth tones, but I have found that everyone has their own preference and knows what colors suit them best.   I normally wouldn't recommend a bright neon color, but this bright yellow cover up worked perfectly for her skin tone and I loved it!  When in doubt, go with something that makes you feel gorgeous.   
Bonus Points
Accessories with a nice print or texture add a little something to your photos.  Think chunky knits or woven shawls, lacy cover ups or a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. 

Something as simple as her straw hat against the texture of the palm fronds.  Or the little splash of color from the quilt next to all the solid neutrals.  All the little details add up! 
What not to do

Avoid too many patterns within a group.  If many people in a group have patterns or prints it can be a little much.  Keep patterns and prints to a minimum.  I generally recommend avoiding stripes and polka dots altogether. 

No logos or brands!  We aren't taking pictures for a Nike advertisement!

No Crocs!  Practical, maybe, but not cute! 
Don't be afraid to bring multiple outfit options!  We can always discuss the choices on site and decide what's best!  
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